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We are very pleased to pesent you new products in Fiskostar's product range.

ALATO (designed by The Studio Jean-Philippe Nuel) is a new, dynamic, minimal and sober handle model which is available in graphite, matt graphite, chrome and matt chrome finishing. 

The Graphite and Matt Graphite finishes are special and obtained with the exclusive PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) treatment. A process of the highest technological level which allows to obtain a surface coating with exceptional aesthetic and technical characteristics through physical vapor deposition of a thin film of extraordinary hardness.

ALATO works only with European (DIN) standard locks (also with Bonaiti magnetic locks). We suggest to use it with minimal concealed hinges and Bonaiti magnetic locks. 

Please see the product catalog here:
Colombo ALATO


ALATO series product codes and prices are available here: 





TRIO in satin chrome, polished chrome and matt black finishing has been one of our client's favourite many years. This beloved door and window handle model is now available also in satin anthracite finishing. 


TRIO works only with European (DIN) sandard locks (also with Bonaiti magnetic locks). We suggest to use modernd door handle model TRIO with minimal concealed hinges and Bonaiti magnetic locks. 

Please see the product catalog here:
Linea Cali Zincral


TRIO series product codes and prices are available here: 

UL0485/024 Za/MCR

UL0485/024 Za/CR

UL0485/024 Za/MU

UL0485/024 Za/AS 

Fiskostar's product range has been upgrated with three powerful and multifunctional pivot hinges by FritsJurgens. From 1930 to today FritsJurgens has specialised in the design and production of innovative hinges for pivot doors. A characteristic of all their systems is that they are not attached to the floor but are attached in the door itself. As a result, you don´t need special flushed system into the floor and everything is almost invisible.

Main advantages of FritsJurgens hinges is high load capacity (up to 500 kg), turning radius (250° to 360°), buit-in closer and fixed holding positions.  All of this is available as a three different models with different load capacity. 

More information is avaliable from following articles:

System M (< 119 kg/ rotating 250°): PH M32-SCA RST
System M (< 159 kg/ rotating 250°): PH M32-SCB RST
System M (< 209 kg/ rotating 250°): PH M32-SCC RST
System M (< 289 kg/ rotating 250°): PH M32-SCD RST
System M (< 349 kg/ rotating 250°): PH M32-SCE RST

System 3 (< 249 kg/ rotating 360°): PH S80-3 9016 RST
System 3 (< 299 kg/ rotating 360°): PH S80-3 9020 RST
System 3 (< 350 kg/ rotating 360°): PH S80-3 9028 RST

System ONE (< 500 kg/ rotating 360°): PH S80-ONE RST


We are happy to offer new product group- concealed door frame system by XINNIX. The name XINNIX ( C nix; see nothing) perfectly describes the result that these door systems achieve- seamless invisible doors. To achieve these doors without jambs, the producer uses an aluminium frame that is placed into the wall. 

The hardware includes: 3D independent adjustable hinges, a XINNIX magnetic lock and a gasket. This system can be used for invisible doors up tp 3500 mm high.

Next to the flush interior doors XINNIX also offers a pocket sliding door systems. These systems allow the door to completely disappear into the wall. The door, that can be up to 3500 mm high and 3000 mm wide per door leaf, disappears in a normal wall width. 
XINNIX has a sliding systems for wooden and glass doors, both single and double are available. 

You can find more information here: Frame systems


Linea Cali TOSCA is a classical and multifunctional product series with 6 dfferent items: door handle on rose, door handle on plate, 2 different window handle models and pill handles in 2 different lenght. All items are available in 4 different finishes: polisehd brass, aged brass, mat bronze and aged iron. 

Door handle TOSCA works only with European (DIN) sandard locks (also with Bonaiti magnetic locks). 

Please see the product catalog here:
Linea Cali TOSCA



Bonaiti B-KLASS is the first magnetic lock which is tested according to UNI EN 12209 and which is also suitable for high usage public doors. 

Advantages of B-KLASS magnetic lock:

  • silence and fluidity during the opening and closing cycle of the door
  • design: the side of the door is completely smooth
  • corrosion resistance
  • reliability: only a few moving elements
  • available in different finishes
  • available front plate width: 18, 20 and 24 mm
  • backset 55 mm (also available as an order 50, 60 and 65 mm)
  • suitable with European standard door-handles

You can find more information here: magnetic locks