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Alato- this is the name of the new model

The Studio Jean-Philippe Nuel has created a product with a sober and timeless profile, which finds its place in a multiplicity of interiors. Starting from simple and interconnected geometric shapes, it achieves a dynamic and minimal design: at a first glance we notice that the circle of the fixing rosette gets thin to fit the rectangular profile of the handle, which stretches lightly in its turn. This subtle convergence of lines borrowed from aeronautics gives the Alato handle an airy and timeless silhouette.

In addition to door handles, the Alato collection also includes window handles.

Four are the finishes proposed: from the traditional Chrome and Matt Chrome,to the most modern and innovative Graphite and Matt Graphite, more and more requested by the market and suitable for minimal and contemporary interiors.

The Graphite and Matt Graphite finishes are special and obtained with the exclusive PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) treatment. A process of the highest technological level which allows to obtain a surface coating with exceptional aesthetic and technical characteristics through physical vapor deposition of a thin film of extraordinary hardness. A green technology which has been used in Colombo Design since 2010 to offer stable color tones over time and to guarantee products with high surface hardness, inalterability against UV rays, resistance to wear and corrosion. A treatment that differs in terms of quality compared to traditional painting processes, granting a special warranty up to 30 years (on handles and bathroom accessories as well).

Alatò door handle codes in different finishes are: