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Multifunctional and classical handle serie TOSCA

Linea Cali TOSCA is a classical and multifunctional product series with 6 different items: door handle on rose, door handle on plate, 2 different window handle models and pull handles in 2 different lenght. All items are available in 4 finishes: polished brass, aged brass, mat bronze and aged iron. 

Door handle TOSCA works only with European (DIN) sandard locks (also with Bonaiti magnetic locks). Please feel free to ask more information about suitable locks and hinges.

About TOSCA in aged iron (FV) you can find more information here: 

UL745/101 Me/FV
UL745/101 VK Me/FV
UL745/101 SK Me/FV
UL745/101 WC Me/FV